Bente Vollstedt

Bente Vollstedt

Doctoral Researchers

Coastal Risks and Sea-Level Rise Research Group

Bente studied Environmental Management at Kiel University. Within her master thesis, she focused on the role of perceptions of affected stakeholders when integrating aquaculture devices in offshore wind parks. After her masters, she worked as a project manager of Interreg projects in Hamburg. Since September 2017, besides her position in the field of national research funding, she started her Ph.D. in the CRSLR working group and is involved in the EVOKED (Enhancing the value of climate data) project. She concentrates on the application of the Living Lab approach for climate service development to cope with future flood risk in the city of Flensburg. The Living Lab approach is especially valuable to identify user needs and to integrate them in the climate services to initiate adaptation actions ideally. 

VOLLSTEDT, B.; KOERTH, K.; VAFEIDIS, A.T. (2019): Applying the Living Lab approach for climate services. A case study example from a Baltic coastal city. Poster Presentation. ECCA 2019, Lisbon.

Bente Vollstedt
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