General Assembly 2018 of the European Geosciences Union (EGU), 8-13 April 2018, Vienna

The European Geoscience Union (EGU) 2018 General Assembly is the largest geosciences meeting in Europe. Thousands of geoscientists from all over the world present new developments in areas, such as climate, space and planetary science missions, natural disasters, and seafloor exploration. The 2018 General Assembly took place at the Austria Center Vienna (ACV). Our group leader, Prof. Anthanasios Vafeidis, and our doctoral researchers, Lena Reimann and Jan Merkens, participated in this year’s General Assembly.


Jan presented two posters in the session „Global and continental scale risk assessment for natural hazards: methods and practice“.

  • Jan-Ludolf Merkens, Daniel Lincke, Jochen Hinkel, Sally Brown and Athanasios Vafeidis – “Testing different approaches to account for population changes in the coastal zone in the course of the 21st century on global scale”
  • Jan-Ludolf Merkens, Jochen Hinkel and Athanasios Vafeidis – “Applying global approaches on regional scale: Is coastal flood modelling more sensitive to elevation data or flooding approaches?”


Lena contributed an oral presentation in the session „Cultural Heritage resilience against climate events and other risks: modelling, remote and in-situ sensing, material characterization and ICT tools“.

  • Lena Reimann, Athanasios Vafeidis, Sally Brown, Jochen Hinkel and Richard Tol – “Assessing Mediterranean UNESCO World Heritage at risk from coastal hazards associated with sea-level rise”


14th Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference (YCSEC), 19-21 March 2018, Hull

Our doctoral researchers, Lena Reimann and Joshua Kiesel, participated in the 14th Young Coastal Scientists and Engineers Conference (YCSEC) hosted by the University of Hull. This conference aims at bringing together early career researchers and practitioners (such as PhD students, Post-Doc researchers and recently qualified professionals) from a variety of different disciplines, who are all concerned with the physical and biological processes within the coastal environment and related topics, e.g. marine renewables, impact of flooding and climate change, coastal erosion and morphological modelling, effects of pollution.