New Paper published in Regional Environmental Change: The effectiveness of setback zones for adapting to sea-level rise in Croatia.

On April 1st 2020 a new paper with the title «The effectiveness of setback zones for adapting to sea-level rise in Croatia.» was published in Regional Environmental Change. In this study Claudia Wolff and Prof. Dr. Athanasios Vafeidis worked with Daniel Lincke, Jochen Hinkel, Lukas Blickensdörfer and Daria Povh Skugor to provide the first assessment of the effects of setback zones on future coastal flood impacts on national scale; for this they used the DIVA modelling framework and extended the flood impact and adaptation module of DIVA with models of restricted future development and slow retreat. The whole paper can be read here.


New Paper published in Frontiers in Marine Science: Effects of the Temporal Variability of Storm Surges on Coastal Flooding

How does the duration of a storm surge affect flood risk? Our new paper in @FrontMarineSci led by Jorid Hoeffken, with @DangendorfSonke, @whsflyngthsthng, where we compare storms with the same peak water level but different durations/intensities. We explore the role of temporal variability of water level for storms with the same peak water level and find differences in flood depth and extent. The influence of temporal variability changes with rising sea-levels. Interesting results from a case study in north Germany: 


EVOKED Workshop, 20 November 2019, Flensburg

On the 20 November 2019 the EVOKED workshop was held by our workgroup in the townhall of Flensburg. The main goal was to bring different groups of people together so that they can discuss different adaptation measures for Flensburg regarding storm surges, flooding and the sea-level rise. People from different backgrounds came together, which lead to agitated discussions so that different perspectives were exchanged.

The workshop was organised by Dr. Jana Koerth, Maureen Tsakiris and Bente Vollstedt. The next workshop in 2020 is already in planning.