EVOKED Workshop, 20 November 2019, Flensburg

On the 20 November 2019 the EVOKED workshop was held by our workgroup in the townhall of Flensburg. The main goal was to bring different groups of people together so that they can discuss different adaptation measures for Flensburg regarding storm surges, flooding and the sea-level rise. People from different backgrounds came together, which lead to agitated discussions so that different perspectives were exchanged.

The workshop was organised by Dr. Jana Koerth, Maureen Tsakiris and Bente Vollstedt. The next workshop in 2020 is already in planning.


DKG and JKG presentation, 26. September 2019, Kiel

During the «Deutscher Geographie Kongress» (DKG, German Geography Congress) and the «Junger Geographie Kongress» (JKG, Young Geography Congress) held in Kiel from the 25.09. until the 30.09.2019 our doctoral researcher Lena Reimann held a presentation with the title «How will sea-level rise affect human migration? Exploring potential impacts of sea-level rise on spatial population change until 2100». In this she presented the potential impacts of sea-level rise under a range of socioeconomic, adaptation, and SLR scenarios, using a spatial population downscaling model. 


DMDU 2019 Annual Meeting, 5-7 November 2019, Delft

 On the 6 November our doctoral researcher Lena Reimann participated in the annual DMDU Meeting in Delft and held a presentation with the title «Exploring the effects of adaptation strategies on population migration under uncertain sea-level rise» that was prepared by herself, Bryan Jones, Claudia Wolff and Prof. Dr. Athanasios Vafeidis. In this presentation different Shared Socialeconomic Pathways and their expected outcome on migration were explored: Under the SSP1 («Build with Nature»), SSP3 («Save yourself») and SSP5 («Hold the line»).

The whole presentation can be seen here.